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Security jobs in the UAE

Security jobs in the UAE

The average salary of a security guard in UAE is about AED1, 946( $550) which is pretty decent value. The salaries can vary with the location and company as well as how important the service sector is for the economic impact.

It is one home for one of the biggest airlines and Dubai airports. With lots of economic superpowers comes lots of trouble and where lots of trouble there is only one solution, security. The GDP of UAE is 405 billion dollars which keeps it at 30th position in the world and lots of its GDP is because of the tourism, petroleum fuel, and hospitality sector which are blooming at its peak. Because of this UAE is a major hub for those who are seeking jobs in the security sector.

The blooming security industries in the UAE holds lots of private sectors and houses more than 30,000 to 35,000  active security personnel working for private hotels and companies for security purposes. Because of this competitive market, the government of UAE unified these companies via the rules and regulations.

The demand for security jobs is increasing day by day and demand increased by 12% from the year 2018.

Many companies are working in the UAE to provide the best fit security to their clients and help them to reach their goals without any fear. The UAE will see a growing demand in the security industry in the coming years.

The country’s Safety and Security sector continue to be propelled by a growing and diverse array of initiatives such as the starting of its civilian nuclear program, and the scaling up of hydro fuel extraction activities, the ongoing activities of mega-projects such as the Midfield Terminal Complex at Abu Dhabi International Airport, and high profile events such as the Dubai Expo and presence of high profile person,” said the US Commercial Service in an online post.

Ongoing economic growth, bolstered by continued activity in the commercial activities, shipping, property, blooming economic and tourism sectors, indicates UAE Safety and Security budgets will increase day by day. The country is expected to increase its homeland security spending over the next decade, from $5.5 billion to more than $10 billion.  UAE legislation has either been passed or is under consideration to strengthen the UAE’s ability to protect high-security

locations like nuclear power plants, oil and gas production house, water treatment facilities and electricity facilities, and cybersecurity.

What is the future of security jobs in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates spend more than 5.5 billion dollars in security guards and safety of their commercial house which is going to increase day by day as two major city in UAE, Dubai, are expanding their financial activities. The financial hub of the world needs much manpower so that it can protect its economic integrity safely and soundly, cybersecurity is a key concern in Dubai and UAE is planning to spend billions more to protect its economy from any external threat. With increasing demand in cybersecurity jobs, personal security guards are also increasing in demand in the UAE. UAE hires more than 20,000 active security guards from countries like Nepal, India, and so on. The increase in demand for security personal makes UAE is golden sacks for anyone working on the field and has prior experience in military and law enforcement agencies as UAE pay more for those personal.

Here are some best security service provider companies in UAE:

1) Lamark security

It was established in 2004. Since the beginning, it provides a security service for its clients in the private and public sectors. Lamark Security has been in business for more than 15 years and has more than 500 trained and highly skilled security personnel to tackle any problems at any time. They excel at their jobs providing temporary security service and integrated security service for the client.

3)Guard Force Security Services

Guard Force Security Services is another one of the top security service providers in the UAE that originally started its operations back in  1993 in the United Kingdom. They came to the UAE in 2007 with their exceptional and unique skill and security guards and patrol services. They provide services for companies and individuals person in the UK since the last beginning. After  10 years of service in the UK, they came to the UAE.


These are just an example of security agencies that excel in their field in the United Arab Emirates.

There are lots of other agencies which provide hands-on security guard for multiple complex even government facilities. The private service sector security is increasing and UAE is a golden hub for them. The country is increasing its security budget and each private institute wants a share on that sum of money. The United Arab Emirates is going to be the hub for cybersecurity expert in upcoming futures and securities personal will be in high demand. With more than 10 % of UAE national securities personal are international citizens hired from third world countries like Nepal and India due to their high bravery activities in the field of security.

What we need to learn about security services in UAE?

Security is key to unlock the true potential of any person and UAE knows it best. UAE wants its tourism industry to skyrocket and for that, they cannot compromise the security of nation and person inside their national line of defense. UAE is one of those countries which have strict rules and regulation for which they hire the best of best candidate around the globe for security personal. With 30 billionaire of the world and 90,000 millionaires, UAE stands at the top for personal and corporate security for which they need the best agency and personal working with the security system.

A person with prior experience in military and law enforcement agencies gets the best chance in the UAE security sector earning more than 1000 dollars a month. Security jobs in UAE hold many beneficiaries not only the salary. Paid holiday, extra earning to life insurance are key services security agencies provide to their employer which attract more and more professional to UAE.

The average demand for security personal in UAE 15,000 security guards per year which is increasing day by day. The completion of the major man-made island in Dubai will increase this number by 25,000 per year. With an average salary of $500 which varies from $250 to $3500 in the month, people from Nepal and India are greatly attracted to these destinations.

A person with a polite and good manner towards the client more attraction for the safety of client and security person who can be trustworthy for billions of dollars of good and service is a key thing to have.

A person with good verbal communication and writing skill and flexible towards job schedule provide extra benefits to security and sell themselves in the rising market of UAE.

A security job in UAE doesn’t come handy. We must have high skills and knowledge to be accepted as security personal in the UAE.

Some of core personal skill is given below which keep us fit for a security job in UAE

  1. Alertness

A good security person is always focused and aware of surrounding especially when lots of worth at stake. It is important to constantly stay focused, observe the surrounding, and avoid distractions, or risk missing something that could prove important. A security guard is responsible for looking towards any risk in the workplace and protect his clients from any kind of risk related to economic and physical issues.


  1. Honesty

A security personal must be honest about his work. They are responsible for securing access to any organization and protecting a business against tiny possible harm If a security guard is not honest, he might risk the physical and intellectual properties of any firms and organizations.

  1. Physical Fitness

Security personal is not only identified the risk around any firms or client, they must eliminate the risk associated with that. Physical fitness is key for any person working in security firms or security services otherwise they might not be able to tackle the physical threat which leads to harm in the firm’s client and reputation of security agencies.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Communication skill is key for security as it provides important information about client and threat. When we are talking about UAE, a single misunderstanding about the risk could damage worth billions of dollars which must be solved by good communication with coworkers and in charge to eliminate the risk associated with any firms by physical and cyber.

  1. Ability to Serve Client’s Needs

Security service personal is butler to their client and their need. A good security service provider must ensure that their client is fully satisfied with their service and it must be essential in the case of UAE where clients demand high-end service and they spend the well-known amount of money for the services they give. We must ensure that the security as well as their other demand in the case must be completed so that we can gain their trust in security agencies and securities personal.

When we are talking about the countries like UAE where demand is high we have to maintain high-quality services because if our firms or security personal made a single mistake other player gain the high advantage in the market so we must ensure that any security personal involved in client or firms must complete their need and provide high-end services.

We are on the verge of global economic superpower and UAE is a golden hub for anyone want to purchase their career with lots of advantage. For them, security jobs are the best option in the United Arab Emirates. Higher pay grade, intensives, and lots of facilities attract the employer and lots of employees also want the best human capital to fit on the market of UAE. with more than 10 billions of dollars at stake, everyone wants to compete with their best effort and sustain in UAE global power list. There are lots of chance for each citizen of Nepal and India with prior experience in law enforcement agency to fit on security service at the United Arab Emirates because of their prior information about security details and the UAE need those professional to safeguard their personal properties as well as safety of infrastructure. The UAE wants the best security service and lots of organizations are fighting for that.

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