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Jobs in United Arabic Emirates Teaching

Jobs in United Arabic Emirates Teaching

Jobs in United Arabic Emirates Teaching. United Arabic Emirates is a small Arabic country which is rich in heritage and modern culture perfectly combining with the warmness of Arabian hospitability. It was discovered in 1971 from its seven states. It is a developed nation with all the proper infrastructures.

Description of Jobs

Over 8000 jobs are found in United Arabic Emirates Every sector has equal scopes in UAE. Some of the posts in the UAE are:

  • Nursing
  • IT project
  • Engineering
  • Homecare
  • Hospitality

Teaching Profession

All the jobs are equally prioritized, but among them, teaching is a prestigious and disciplined job. Teaching is only the job which can help others to start their career.

History of Education and Teaching System in United Arabic Emirates

After the discovery of United Arabic Emirates in 1971, education services were given priority. Both men and women were given equal rights to get primary education. At starting self-education was in fascinating. Slowly the System had a strong emphasis on religious instruction, and the educational System began the interaction between the students. And after establishing federation in UAE, the quality education was started. In the 1900s in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah three schools were established. United Arabic Emirates also established the Continuing Education Centre in 1998 for the development of skills and knowledge and exploring potential. The first school in United Arabic Emirates ‘Aqlasimiah School’ was established in Sharjah in 1930 by Sheikh Ali AL Mahmoud.

Education in the United Arabic Emirates

It is a compulsion to all the children to get education from six to the completion of grade 12. The academic calendar in the United Arabic Emirates starts in UAE was 93.2%. Literacy rate increases from 53.5% in 1975 to 2015 opportunity for homeschooling in 77 locations. Education is provided free for United Arabic Emirates students up to a high level. Expatriates are admitted to UAE government schools by paying fees. Dubai English speaking school and college is the best school in the United Arabic Emirates. There are many schools requiring teachers with proper qualifications in United Arabic Emirates. If you are confused about where to teach in United Arabic Emirates, then you can search for students who are eager to learn.

Four Stages of Education in the United Arabic Emirates Are Explained Below:

Nursery Education: Children from 18 months to 2 years start their early school life in UAE. They start their education getting admitted in nursery schools. They are started to teach the English language from this phase. They start their learning life form this stage of life.

Kindergarten Education: Kindergarten education in United Arabic Emirates starts at the age of 4 to 5 years. In this level, students are also taught their respective religion.

Primary Education: Students are sent to primary schools at six years. In this level, the English language is the main language of instructions. In some school’s foreign languages like Hindi, French, and Russian are also used whereas in some Arabic languages are also used.

Secondary Education: After the completion of primary education, students are focused on career, and so they go to secondary or high schools for higher education. There are two types of high schools in the United Arabic Emirates. One is an ordinary school which gives priority to academic subjects, and another is a technical school which gives priority to impart specific skills in students.

In United Arabic Emirates, they also have excellent universities like United Arabic Emirates and other Universities, but also the expatriates send their children to the western countries like the UK, America and Australia for higher education.

Some of the famous schools and colleges of United Arabic Emirates for expatriates

  • Dubai College
  • Dubai English Speaking Private College
  • Dubai International Academy
  • Jumeirah College
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School

Besides these also there are many schools, colleges and universities which are also popular and give qualitative education to the students.

Status of Teacher in United Arabic Emirates

Beginning since 90 per cent citizens were illiterate to now the current situation the vast development is tackling in the field of education in United Arabic Emirates. Due to the lacking of teachers in the UAE, the government brought teachers from another nation to fill the teacher needs in the United Arabic Emirates. The most Expat teachers belong to Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Palestine nationality. In 1994, 26% of the teachers were from the United Arabic Emirates, the vast increase from 1985 to 1986. In kindergarten level, 54 per cent of the teachers were from the UAE, and they all were women.

Similarly, in primary level, 6 per cent males and 44% of women were there, and in total 31 per cent were from the United Arabic Emirates. Likewise, in Secondary level, there were 5 per cent male Teacher and 36 per cent female teachers who comprise 23 per cent, total national teachers. In private schools, there is a lower percentage of United Arabic Emirates teachers. Teacher status in United Arabic Emirates is developing in different sectors. The average salary for a teacher in a month is 9000 to 15000 AED as teaching profession is fully respectful jobs in the world, so in United Arabic Emirates also teachers are fully respected. Teachers are considered as the idols of discipline. Teachers are also given the travelling expenses and other allowances like housing, educational, etc. also. In United Arabic Emirates, teachers are offered very profitable contracts. The beginning salary of the Teacher is given according to their qualification and according to school status as it is private or government. Teachers can be happy with their salary in United Arabic Emirates as they can also save as extra.

Why do United Arabic Emirates teachers need more support a clear path??

United Arabic Emirates teachers get inappropriate feedbacks on their works, and they also need help to support children with disabilities to reach their capabilities, new research has found. Richard Tannenbaum, a general manager researcher, said that teachers in the United Arabic Emirates have many difficulties to overcome. There was a lack of clear career development, and the teachers also did not get the feedback. Interview of more than 18000 teachers was taken for the wellbeing survey by adult knowledge and human development authority which found that more than 43 per cent teacher was just getting work. Some of the schools were out of technologies which were also getting many more difficulties. Teachers are also themselves in unknown situations sometimes. They are also lacking path and are totally confused in the matters.

Tips for getting teaching jobs in United Arabic Emirates

  • Candidate must have a master degree in respective field.
  • Candidate must have the license or teaching certificate from the legal authority.
  • Candidate must have at least three years of experience of doing the jobs.
  • Candidate should be loyal disciplined, and he should be focused on his works.
  • Candidate must fulfil all the requirements written in a job application.
  • Candidate must have the proper knowledge of subjects which he is going to apply.

Teacher’s licensing System

In 2017, United Arabic Emirates introduced Teacher’s licensing System. TLS will become a necessity in educational institutions at the end of 2020. All the principals, vice-principals and teaching staffs of both the private and public schools will have the compulsion to NQA, MoE, KHDA, ADEK and ACTVET. TLS is obtained by passing two exams. One is called Pedagogy and another in the instruction of the candidate teacher. If the examinee fails in the exams, then they are instructed to do the pieces of training based on their level shown in the exam to know the needed outcome. TLS failed teachers will be given the opportunity to re-attend the exam in 2 years’ period. TLS is a very good process to bring qualified teachers in educational System in UAE. It does not cost any charge to pay for the teaching license system (TLS) in the United Arabic Emirates. Pieces of training are developed by the Ministry of Education with the partnership of local situations. It is equivalent for both the national and expatriates’ teachers. Expat teachers must also hold the license which is given by the Ministry of Education in United Arabic Emirates.

Government Schools in United Arabic Emirates

United Arabic Emirates government is also on dilemma regarding the education system and teaching styles of their nation. So they also established government schools in the United Arabic Emirates to develop the educational system in UAE. Government schools are also working hard for the welfare of the educational System in the nation. Their value increases the national identity and shows the culture of the nation. Teachers of the government schools are the best sources for the students to show them the light of knowledge and to remove darkness from their path. They are not dealing politically like other sectors in educational sectors. They are avoiding the effects of politics in government schools. Political leaders are not bringing their relatives, or we can say they are not giving force to principals or head of the school to get their relatives as Teacher and offer them a handsome salary.

Importance of Education in the United Arabic Emirates

Education is the right of every citizen of the country. The United Arabic Emirates government knew the importance of education for the development of the country in every sector. In article 17 of the UAE constitution, the fundamental role of education in the development of society and the importance of education are mentioned. Ministry of education formed a plan to promote the education system to build a competitive and literate society. Eventually, United Arabic Emirates is now more concerned about the formation of society and development of education than the past. As like in other countries for the knowledgeable society and for the good establishment of a developed country education is very important in UAE. Education is the main formula for modernization and revolution Finally, not only in the United Arabic Emirates but also in the whole world education is equally important as it removes the darkness and brightens the whole society.

Modernizing the teaching system

United Arabic Emirates has started a new system of teaching licensing, which is called TLS (Teacher’s Licensing System). This System was started in 2017 and hoped to be implemented strictly from 2021. This System will help to find the more qualified national and expatriates teachers in both the private and government schools. Both the technical and academic subjects are taught in the UAE. Students not only attending schools, colleges get an education but also there is a trend of online classes in UAE. Many students also watch videos and do self-education. Modern teachers are also well qualified, and they know more knowledge about their respective subjects. So in modern conditions the teaching system of Dubai is developing rapidly. School fees excluding all the admission, uniform, transportation fees range from 12723 AED to 64093 AED per year. Government is also concerned more in the current situations of education in the UAE. The government is also supporting financially as well as socially in the educational sectors in the UAE. Moreover, everyone is taking their free time to think about how we can improve in the field of education. These factors are helping directly or indirectly in the field of both educational and teaching System in United Arabic Emirates. Citizens are making their mind board in the educational matters.

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