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Dubai Jobs Nursing

Dubai Jobs Nursing

Dubai Jobs Nursing is all the rage these days and for good reason. Healthcare is a concern in most parts of the world. It is either non-existent in developing countries or too expensive in their developed counterparts.

This is why people are looking for alternatives in places like Asia and the Middle East. Dubai has a thriving healthcare sector. They have some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world and they need qualified nurses to staff them.

A good hospital needs more than just advanced equipment. It requires personnel to use it and to cater to the needs of patients. This is where nurses enter the picture. Dubai has state-of-the-art equipment. What they need now are specialists. This is why the Dubai Health Authority is running programs designed to recruit nurses from overseas.

For a while now, the organization has focused its efforts on nurses in places like India and the Philippines. But Dubai Jobs Nursing opportunities are open to anyone who possesses the necessary qualifications. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply simply because you do not originate from the countries where the DHA is recruiting.

Life as a nurse in Dubai is quite attractive. The salaries are decent and you get accommodations, not to mention an allowance. If you came from abroad, you don’t have to worry about getting back home. They will pay for your return tickets at least once a year.

If you are a valued employee, some clinics will go so far as to pay your utility bills, not to mention any costs you incur whenever you make long-distance calls. There are tax incentives on offer for some medical experts.

For instance, people working in the biggest facilities do not pay income tax. As you can see, Dubai Jobs Nursing is attractive. Depending on your situation, they can change your life practically overnight. At the very least, they offer more financial incentives that nursing jobs in most developing countries.

If you don’t know where to find Dubai Jobs Nursing, consider the following:

1). Start with employment agencies. Go to the Dubai Healthcare City website. They are a government organization that is tasked with developing healthcare-related services in Dubai. Their website has a listing of all the lucrative nursing jobs.

While the DHCC should be your first stop, some people are more comfortable with recruitment agencies. The DHCC website is better because the organization is specifically focused on medical issues. So, your chances of landing a well-paying nursing job are high.

Recruitment agencies are concerned with every type of profession. You can still experiment with them. They have helped plenty of medical professionals find work. But the fact that the medical field is not their top priority means that it will take you quite a bit of time to land well-paying nursing work.

That being said, with a recruitment agency, you have the option of talking to a real person. This is more appealing than dealing with a website. It gives you more confidence that the agency will do everything in its power to find you a job.

The same cannot be said for job sites. They can also produce results but, like agencies, they do not specialize in the medical field. They are designed to aggregate lists of job opportunities in every field. If you subscribe to them, the sites will send you alerts whenever a job opening appears.

But that doesn’t guarantee that you will get the job. After all, they send these alerts out to everyone.

2). If recruitment agencies and websites are not your cups of tea, take a more direct approach. Go to the hospitals and clinics where you want to work. Large medical institutes, in particular, have a relatively high rate of turnover. They are always recruiting new people. If you can talk to people in hospitals and clinics, they will make you aware of job opportunities some of which haven’t been advertised.

You should try to network with medical professionals. Better yet, make friends in the industry. The right doctor or nurse in the right place will mention your name the next time an opening appears. You should know that you’re not the only one that wants to work in a big hospital.

Because of the stiff competition the top institutes attract, you are encouraged to give smaller clinics a shot. People tend to ignore them. Therefore, the chances that they are in desperate need of nurses are much higher.

Of course, before you start looking for Dubai Jobs Nursing work, you need to ensure that you have all the relevant requirements. Hospitals and clinics don’t hire just anyone:

1). They are going to ask for a valid passport, some photos, and a birth certificate. They will also ask to see the relevant diplomas and registration certificates. You should have acquired these documents from a licensed institution.

2). They are going to ask for transcripts of your training in the relevant programs. They will use the information your training institution provides to calculate the hours.

3). If you have experience as a nurse, you must present references. Your references must speak well of you. They must reveal that you are a worker of good health and character. They must also confirm your competence.

4). You must present a registration certificate valid in the jurisdiction where you practiced your profession. The relevant authorities will verify all your documents and claims. They will disqualify you if they learn that any of your claims and documents are false and forged.

None of these requirements are particularly unfair or stringent. This is basically what a nurse is expected to provide when looking for work in any country. And the trouble you must go through to get hired is worth the financial compensation.

Your starting salary will depend on your qualifications, position, and the finances of the employer. But as was mentioned above, there are no taxes attached to your income as a nurse. So, you are probably earning more money than the average nurse in any other country.

You get to keep all your money. That doesn’t even include benefits like housing, dental, and life insurance, not to mention travel allowances.

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